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Our Values

We don't believe in writing proprietary software that ties our clients into unbreakable contracts. Using a project and budget relevant mixture of (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScripts, .NET and PHP) open source e-commerce and content management systems to deliver our websites means that our clients enjoy a cost effective and sustainable online strategy that affords them flexibility, freedom and choice. Technically - our sites will stand shoulder to shoulder with work from any of the worlds largest digital agencies.

We use the same high-speed, super scalable, up-time guaranteed hosting providers that they do; So that our customers can enjoy piece of mind when it comes to site security and data safety.

There isn't an SEO or website accessibility consultant on the planet that can tell us something we don't already know; we write fluent cross browser HTML5 / CSS3 and adhere to the the latest W3C web standards.

What is so special about MykaSoft?

Our team is small. We keep our overheads low so that your budgets can remain realistic. We work quickly, drawing on years of experience to deploy stable technical solutions.

MykaSoft is a creative company, always able to find some new ideas, particiluar for business names, designs and brands.

Also MykaSoft's main focus is accessbility to any devices, such as mobile devices. Ensure that your websites are accessabile by any kind of devices, mobile tablets and phones. We follow the CSS3 standards to ensure that we are keeping on the each of technology.

This way, we will ensure that you're able to influence the design process effectively.

Meet the team....

Get aquainted with the people who will be looking after you and your business.

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Caroline Hurley

Director and Web Developer

I would very much like to have an effect on the community, charities and small business by giving them a public voice through the website and social media without costing a fortune.

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Xander Hurley

Lead Software Engineer

I enjoy challenging work, and relish anything that can be thrown at us, I am always willing to give new technologies a chance if it meets our client's requirements.

Our values

Results driven

Focuses on desired results, and sets and achieves challenging goals.

On Time

Always aim to be on time, communicate effectively with clients and keeping appriased of progress.


MykaSoft is customer focused, always willing to listen and provide support.


MykaSoft aims to keep on the edge of newer powerful tecnnology.

Media Savvy

MykaSoft understands social media groups, keeping up with latest and popular forms of marketing.

Our in-house skillset...

  • PHP/.Net 85%
  • Graphic Design 95%
  • HTML/CSS Design 95%
  • SEO 82%